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Sunday in the Park

So last weekend, Chris and I went for  a walk in Centennial Park Sunday morning, before he headed back to Louisville. While there I thought about you, Lisa!!

Eventually, I'll get around to a real entry. Summer school ended yesterday and I should have grades averaged and posted tonight, thanks to Blackboard's averaging program!! Tomorrow night Cary & I have tickets to see Del Shores' "Sordid Confessions" at Play! I am so excited. It's gonna be hysterical. His husband, Jason Dottley, is going to perform his new single after the stand up. I am hoping there will be a photo op afterward. I got one with them when they were in town in 2009.

Tonight, I took a break from grading to  do a little more with the short story I am working with. Here's another little  snippet. It's behind the cut because  there is a "dirty word," so as not to offend anyone


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Today's Pride Festival didn't allow for many good photos due to rian, but I did get a decent one of a riverboat cruising up the Cumberland.

Take one simple art  print from the craft store. Add one 18x24 stretched canvas. Mix some burnt seinna acrylic paint with some decoupage mix. Burn the edges of the print with a lighter for an aged look. Mount print on canvas with decoupage mix, then brush paint/decoupage mixture over entire canvas.


The next day or two of creativity may be delayed due to Pride events. I plan to take my laptop with me to Cary's this weekend, but can't guarantee I will get around to posting anything.

30 Days of Creativity Day 16 -- Words

I had a checkup at the clinic in Owensboro today and was wiped when I got home, so I used an idea from Marika's blog and tried Wordle using a passage from the short story in my entry earlier this week for today's entry. One the plus side, I got a great report from the clinic. Click to enlarge the image and enjoy the rainbow of words.

Wordle: Jacob
The square in Bowling Green is called Fountain Square Park, because there is a fountain in the middle of the park. When we were little,  Mamaw would walk us to town when she got her check at the first of the month. She would always give us a couple of pennies to toss in the fountain. There were goldfish swimming around in it. Kenny and I thought it was so cool. Eventually they put a wrought iron fence around it to keep people from getting down in it and taking the  change that had  accumulated in it. Several years ago, someone filled it with dish liquid or ddetergent and filled it with bubbles, killing all the fish. Since then, there have not been any fish in it.


Today I enhanced another one of the flower photos that I took Friday night on the Square. I am not a huge fan of yellow in general, but yellow flowers are so cheerful.


Much of today was spent playing chaffuer. I took Mom on some errands, as well as to the family reunion. While she was in Walmart picking up some slaw, I grabbed my notebook I keep in the car and began doodling. I had  nothing in particular in mind, but thought I might as well make us eof the time, as I wasnt sure if I would have time to do anything else creative today, what with the family reunion and haaving to take Aunt Nancy home afterward, as well as Margaret and Max being in town. So after a couple of pages of doodling, I came up with a self portrait  doodle. Pardon the crappy cell phone picture of it.

30 Days of Creatvity Day 10 -- Downtown

Tonight after supper, I decided to venture down to the square to see what I could shoot for today's entry. Several things caught my eye and I will work on tinkering with them here and there, but tonight's digitally enhanced photo is related to yesterday's entry. The fountain in the center of the square is surrounded by a wrought iron fence with Fleur de Lis tips. I like the way I was able to bring out the purple and green.


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